About Rainbow Organics

Rainbow has been specially created to cater to those who have been on the lookout for a balanced, healthy and holistic lifestyle, but did not know, till date, where to turn to. Rainbow believes in creating & maintaining a balance among all the five senses for optimum holistic living by taking care of your various requirements

TASTE – Let your tongue discover the taste of Natural goodness of organic and natural grains, pulses, spices, cereals, nuts, oils, beverages, salts & sweeteners including farm fresh honey. Taste the difference and let your body feel the change once you make these a part of your daily lifestyle.

FEEL – Feel the goodness of Mother Nature’s gentle touch on your skin from top to toe. Try Rainbow’s creams, oils, shampoo bars, body care, face care and foot care products, as well as organic cotton towels and T shirts. Let your skin soak in the soothing touch of pure natural ingredients of special bath salts. Feel your entire body come alive in this close contact with Nature.

HEAR – Let the ears be soothed by the mellifluous sound of the music bowls and bells especially handcrafted to cleanse your environment and align your chakras with the right kind of sound vibrations.

SMELL – Inhale the natural fragrances of Rainbow’s room purifiers and pure essential oilsin natural diffusers, terracotta & ceramic vaporizers or with aromatic candles made of pure beeswax to purify your homes/ office environments. Your entire home and office will smell good while calming and soothing your frayed nerves by removing your daily stresses. Also luxuriate in the fragrance of the essential oils in the specially made bath salts and body sprays.

SEE - Display beautiful crystal lotuses at home or office and hang crystal balls to usher in playful rainbow lights in your rooms. Let rainbow lights into your life and feel attuned to Nature every day.

Go Natural. Go Organic.

Why Organic Food is good for you?

Because you become what you eat! Each cell in your body acts like a building block of your entire system. And the cells take their building raw materials from the food you eat. So the more you eat the grains, pulses, oils, spices and other things raised on chemical fertilizers, the more your cells absorb the toxins trapped in the food. Not to mention the processed and convenience food which are loaded with preservatives and other harmful ingredients like synthetic colours, aroma enhancers, artificial flavours and the like. Consequently, you become a veritable storehouse of toxins and chemicals which slowly poison your entire system.

But that’s not how Mother Nature meant you to be. You were meant to be a being with a healthy body and a healthy mind because one is not possible without the other. And natural or organic food grown without such chemicals and toxins retain their farm fresh qualities and bring to you the goodness of Nature. No preservatives. No chemicals. No toxins. And nothing artificial about it.

So when you let natural and organic food take over, your entire body gets an “internal spa treatment” as it were. The old toxins are expelled. New toxins don’t come in. Slowly your body starts recovering from this abuse and starts coming alive again. Your tongue starts feeling the difference of taste and quality of natural wholesome food while your system functions as Nature meant it to do.

Why are Organic top to toe body care products good for you?

For the same above reasons. Your skin is the largest organ you have which absorbs and lets into your blood stream whatever you put onto it – be it soap, shampoo, oil, cream, scrub, perfume, etc. So the more chemically processed products you use, the more these harmful toxic matters get absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin pores. Whereas natural and organic top to toe body care products help your skin absorb all the goodness of Nature and help in revitalizing your entire system.

After all, Mother Nature is the greatest mother of us all. And who will care more for you than Her?

The RAINBOW Spirit

  • Make the Right Choices
  • Enjoy Better Health
  • Eat Tastier Food
  • Detoxify Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Become More Aware & Compassionate
  • Support Poor Farmers
  • Actively Promote Ecological Balance
  • Make Positive Difference in the Life of Others
  • Connect More Deeply with Nature
  • Help Heal the Earth
  • At Rainbow we believe in thus sharing
  • the goodness of life with others.
  • Products at Rainbow are sourced from different parts of the country thus providing poor farmers with market in the city area.
  • Profit from Rainbow goes for helping the poor; the needy and for supporting charitable organizations through the Padmasambhava Centre for Charitable Activities.
  • When you buy from Rainbow, you automatically extend a helping hand
  • to those who are less fortunate then us.
  • Because how can life be ‘holistic” unless it encompasses all?